Commissions > George Cremaschi & Alexander Platzner & Samčo, brat dážďoviek

George Cremaschi & Alexander Platzner & Samčo, brat dážďoviek

7 DEC 12

An international trio of distinctive (and distinctly different) musical and artistic figures born from the initiative of NEXT Festival combined the best of virtuoso acoustic performance and electronica without overly adhering to genre criteria. New York-based composer, bass player and electronic musician George Cremaschi is likewise a versatile and seasoned improviser, having played alongside the likes of Fred Frith and Evan Parker. Sax player Alexander Platzner is a familiar face from the creative orchestra Musica falsa et ficta and the wild conceptual project My Live Evil with Miro Tóth. Multi-talented Samuel Szabó, who performs under the moniker Samčo, brat dážďoviek, is among today’s most original young Slovak creators, having enthralled audiences with controversial electronic post-songwriting, imaginative alternative rock, ‘wacky’ folk, digital collage, and eccentric noise performances.

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