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Monika Šubrtová & An Trinse

5 DEC 20

Monika Šubrtová is a London-based electronic producer. Her debut EP Omnia partly forgoes the paths of mechanic techno, industrial aesthetic and modular syntheses of her previous project Jamka, which saw hew pair up with Daniel Kordík. Her sound is now typified by a milder tempo and dystopian atmosphere reminiscent of the chilling perfectionism of Conrad Schnitzler or the melancholy elegance of duo Coil, while more rhythmic passages evoke Janushoved and Vatican Shadow. An Trinse is the artistic alter-ego of Stephen McLaughlin, probing diverse forms of shamanism and hidden connections between ancient civilizations. In his recent work, a technologically-advanced prehistoric society comes head on with an unknown apocalypse. McLaughlin thereby reflects on the current state of the Anthropocene, especially impending social and ecological collapse.


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