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NOISS presents: Slumberland ft. Sainkho Namtchylak, Fredrik Rasten & more

On Saturday, 1 October in the Foyer of the Faculty of Architecture, Norwegian composer Fredrik Rasten and an international ensemble of dancers, or rather moving guitarists Hans P. Kjorstad & Julia Reidy & Adela Mede & Erika Coyle & Eva Vozarova. Fredrik Rasten works in the field of experimental music, both improvised and composed. His main focus is exploring and utilizing the acoustic possibilities of the steel string guitar and during the last few years he has been working extensively with just intonation. Rasten and an ensemble of performers will present his now fairly well-known work called Six Moving Guitars. The piece came out of a collaboration between three dancers and three musicians who wanted to work with choreography and sound in unison, erasing the distinctions between dancer and musician. The composition is an integrated whole of sound and movement; all six performers become moving guitar players and everyone’s movement within the specific acoustic space becomes instrumental to the spatial and sounding effect of the piece.

A fresh exciting collaboration between well-known Tuvan singer Sainkho Namtchylak and Belgian artist Jochem Baelus a.k.a. Slumberland will combine traditional Tuvan praise songs and ancient vocal technique with avantgarde principles. Using Namtchylak’s proficiency with her voice as a starting point (she’s an expert overtone singer), they explore the boundaries of the human voice and how to turn it into a machine. Namtchylak combines traditional chants and ancient vocal techniques with influences from avant-garde music, as Baelus creates a krautrock-inspired backdrop using his signature combination of sewing machines, projectors and other mechanical objects. The result is a fearless performance, transporting the listener into a frosty, singular world. Their concert takes place later at night on Saturday, 1 October.

Part of NOISS (Norway–Iceland–Slovakia): New Musics for New Audiences project.