News > Monika Subrtova presents her debut LP TOON on NEXT Festival Records

Monika Subrtova presents her debut LP TOON on NEXT Festival Records

We are pleased to announce that Monika Subrtova‘s album TOON is OUT now. It is available to listen across all digital platforms and the vinyls are ready to order via our BC page.


London based – Slovakian born producer Monika Subrtova presents her first solo LP – ‘TOON’. We are more than excited to announce that it will be out on vinyl on NEXT Festival Records on October 16th.

Monika Subrtova is an experimental electronic musician who uses sound synthesis and sampling to render lucid, dystopian imagery. Her work draws on a wide range of influences from avant-garde to club tracks – from Suzanne Ciani to Vatican Shadow and her approach in the studio is to foster a symbiotic flow between her and the myriad parameters of her machines.

Whether working collaboratively or alone – Subrtova adopts the spirit of modular synthesis, allowing music to unfurl naturally through presence with the machines and progressive parameter adjustment.

‘TOON’ comes as the successor to her first solo outing on the Slovakian label Urbsounds. Her ‘Omnia’ EP laid out the seeds for the LP – seeds which now germinate across six musical depictions of a maladjusted species against a dystopian, industrial backdrop.

Pockets of beauty blossom against a bed of malaise which is a contrast that dovetails her music neatly with the NEXT Festival Records catalog and provides a captivating window into Monika Subrtova’s creative mind.