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NEXT Festival has a new audience development strategy

In the recent weeks, NEXT Festival’s team took part in a workshop focusing on audience development. The outcome of this workshop, mentored by Irish cultural management expert Sandy Fitzgerald, is an extensive plan to be implemented in the upcoming three years. The plan will serve to aid inclusive involvement of existing and new audiences, develop communication strategies, and to expand the international community surrounding the festival, which celebrated its twentieth birthday last year.

NEXT Festival is part of Project NOISS (Norway – Iceland – Slovakia): New Music for New Audiences. Project NOISS received a grant of 192 300 € from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grant scheme. The project was co-funded with an additional 28 845 € from the National Budget of the Slovak Republic. The project’s aims include audience development and capacity and mobility building promoting the values of creativity, artistic freedom and collaboration in contemporary avantgarde music.

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