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New release by David Toop & Avsluta

Exciting! We have dug in the archives a bit. The result of this process will be the new release by David Toop and Avsluta. ”Haunted Tape Found in the Attic, All Covered in Dirt and Spells” is out on September 11th on CD and digital. Listen and get your copy here.

David Toop and Avsluta are friends, collaborators and occasional co-performers in various constellations. This live recording from their 2021 set at NEXT Festival in Cafe OTO is from their first concert together following a pandemic-enforced pause, and provides a glimpse of their mystical practice of object-oriented improvisation and sonic dialogue.

The result is a fascinating sound document, one which conjures visions of both a deep investigation as well as an expedition. It’s a testament to David Toop and Avsluta’s common language, improvisational proficiency, but most of all their willingness to listen.

Performed and recorded at NEXT Festival in Cafe OTO, London, 22/11/2021.

This project was supported from public funds by Slovak Arts Council.