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NOISS Project Partner Meeting

On March 14 and 15, we met with our partner organizations in Reykjavík as part of the international project NOISS – New Music for New Audiences. The aim was to evaluate the current cooperation and define plans for 2022. In October last year, we co-organized the Festival of Experimental Music and Spontaneous Art at the Mengi Club in Reyjkajvík. Subsequently, we continued with the introduction of international collaborations within the NEXT 2021 Festival. All this was preceded by a program of international cooperation in the EQO cultural center in Spišský Hrhov, where musicians from Slovakia and Norway presented their debut cooperation.

Next on the program are new international projects, which we are launching this year in cooperation with partners from Oslo under the name Bratislava in Oslo – Celebration on the second weekend of September. The program will once again bring together musicians from Iceland, Norway and Slovakia. It will be similar in the framework of NEXT 2022, where a completely new international ensemble of improvised music and four other concerts and discussions will be presented.