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NOISS (Norway – Iceland – Slovakia): New Music for New Audiences

NOISS (Norway–Iceland–Slovakia): New Musics for New Audiences is an audience development, capacity building and transnational mobility project promoting the values of creativity, artistic freedom and collaboration in contemporary music. Through developing a collaborative approach to the production of innovative forms of music and sonic art, we want to create a community of change-makers able to respond to key critical, social and political challenges that our countries are now facing.

Through the project artists and cultural entrepreneurs will adopt radical approaches to audience development: turning “audiences” into “engaged citizens”, “active participants”, and thus into change-makers. Collectively they will embark on the process of making and producing art through new forms and new methods of cultural exchange. Consequently, we will collaboratively produce, present and distribute new innovative music by connecting people from different cultures, crossing geographical and mental borders, but also challenging audience expectations. We will create a new audience development strategy, provide new opportunities for artists and skills for cultural organisations and as a result, activate and engage the next generation of citizens. We put a special emphasis on gender equality and participation of minorities in culture.

The project aims to target primarily young adults, students, artists and people around the non-governmental sector (workers, supporters, volunteers) who tend to be active members of society open for positive change-making and people who spread good values in society. Furthermore, we try to involve also participants and audiences from different social and age groups and regions. This project should create an interest in the respective partner countries’ culture among wide public on long term, and lead to future cooperation between organisations and individuals from the partner countries.

Project aims:

  • to establish a platform for further cooperation of curators, artists and cultural organisations active in the field of contemporary and experimental music and sonic art from NO, IS and SK
  • to interconnect the scenes and promote current creative tendencies in the field in all the countries
  • to support bilateral artistic exchange, initiate collaborative production and circulation of new artworks between the partner countries
  • to point to the current topics of social importance and produce outcomes that will benefit the broad public in understanding common cultural identity among the differences between the partner countries
  • to strengthen the organisational capacity of the project leader and partners
  • to attract and develop primarily young audience interested in artistic innovation in music from the respective countries

Co-organisers of the project are organisations from Slovakia (A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture / Bratislava, EQO / Spišský Hrhov), Antalova Music from Oslo / Norway and RASK Collective from Reykjavik / Iceland.

Partnership agreements: Antalova MusicRASK

The project benefits from a € 192 300 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norwaz through the EEA Grants. The project has been co-financed from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of € 28 845. The aim of the project is to support audience development, capacity building and transnational mobility promoting the values of creativity, artistic freedom and collaboration in contemporary avantgarde music.

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